Richard Bach said:

“We teach best what we most need to learn”

– My life is a windy journey of teachings and experiences that lead me to my calling.

My Name is Narkiss and I am a woman on a mission; I strive to inspire people to reclaim their authentic creative nature and embrace their role as artists of their own life experience…

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a friend. Throughout my life I was pulled in many different directions. However, there was always a common thread of creativity and compassion to others which led me to the holistic field of Intentional Creativity and the Expressive Arts.

Since childhood, I was gravitating toward the arts. My Journey with creativity and the expressive arts started when I was a young girl. I was very shy and always resorted to music, doodling, books, nature, and dancing for solace.

I remember listening eagerly through the walls of our apartment to hear my neighbor playing the piano. I took ballet lessons and danced Israeli folk dancing – the only time my self-conscious nature drifted away and I allowed myself to truly be seen. It was clear to me then, that the arts were home for me.

Yet, I never developed that passion. Like many of us, l was led to believe that “art” was only for the exceptionally talented, and that a work of art was composed according to a set of rules. It always left me hesitant to try anything without pre planning and careful thought. The fear of being “not good enough” limited my daring and creativity.

Growing up, making art was considered a meaningless luxury, so I concentrated on the practical side of life. In high school I majored in Architecture and Design, which allowed me to use my creativity in a very controlled and safe manner.

At Tel Aviv University, I continued to seek education around the arts while pursuing my BA degree in Art History.

Looking to develop a career in the artistic world, I went to Graphics School which led me to a graphic artist position at one of the leading recreational vehicles magazines in Israel.

When my husband was transferred to the United States in 1997, I left everything I knew and loved behind. I developed a growing hunger for a creative outlet. I rekindled my passion for painting through art classes and started painting murals. I also continued my education in Graphic Design in SVA in NYC.

Several years, three kids and a full-time job later, I started my own painting business for children’s wall art, “Daffodils – Unique Creations.”

“Trapped” in a careful pre-planned art making, feeling something major is missing- I was searching for more without knowing what exactly.
I stumbled upon Michele Cassou’s expressive painting philosophy.  Suddenly, a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me – creating with first impulse, no pre planning, no over thinking, just painting – a very hard concept for a woman who was thinking and planning every aspect of her art making –  how freeing it is!

And there again, I had a very hard time connecting to my true self without a centering process and without my music that ALWAYS was a huge part of my creative process. I needed something to help me find my way in – in order to create from a deep authentic place.

While at Michele Cassou’s workshop, I met a young lady studying Expressive Arts – an intermodal creative process used to promote change, healing and growth! I instantly knew this was what I had been looking for! I enrolled in a program at the Expressive Arts Florida Institute and became an Expressive Arts Practitioner/Facilitator. Couple years later, I also had the privilege to study with my painting muse and mentor- Whitney Freya and was certified as a Creatively Fit Coach, adding another facet to my Expressive Arts tool belt.

Giving back to the community and making a difference is an important value in our home. Through the years, I found opportunities to volunteer and help people in need as an EMT for the Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad and educate our youth as Chairwoman for the “Arava” Chapter of the Scouts in Metro West.

I wanted to share the amazing creative experience of expressive painting with the community as well. I created, raised funds for, and facilitated a three-day workshop of spontaneous-painting-to-music for cancer patients and their siblings at New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.

I believe all humans are innately creative. Creativity is not limited to the arts. It is in our way of being and comes through in all aspects of our lives. As children, we do not hesitate to use our creativity—we just go for it. But as we grow up, we develop hesitance and fear of Judgement. We damper our creativity, push it into hiding and chose the safer, calculated, well-traveled path.

Using the creative process as an outlet, a way to express oneself without the need to explain, justify or protect the outcome is truly liberating. Tapping into your creativity enables emotional release, promotes self-healing, positive change and growth.

The possibilities in this exceptional field are limitless and the positive impact it can make on the personal, communal and universal levels is boundless.

Are you ready to join me on a magical journey?