The Light within is a creative holistic practice, providing opportunities for self-exploration through self-expression, and intentional creativity. Participants reconnect with their innate creative soul, gain new insights, and embrace their inner wisdom through fun, creative, intermodal expressive arts modalities, in a supportive, non-judgmental, safe environment.

Narkiss Sternberg is a soulful muse. She is an Expressive Arts practitioner/facilitator, a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and the founder of The Light within. Narkiss combines her expertise in the Expressive Arts field with Creativity Coaching, inspiring her clients to use the creative process as a personal and spiritual practice in order to gain clarity, and deep transformation. She facilitates live creative workshops focused on personal empowerment and development. Narkiss works with individuals and groups and is available for community events.

What exactly is “Expressive Arts”?

Intermodal Expressive Arts is a creative holistic field, effecting change in all aspects of human experience: mind-body-soul. It combines the visual arts, movement, drama, music, toning, writing and other creative processes to foster personal growth and community development.

By integrating the arts processes and allowing one to flow into another in a safe environment, free of critique and judgement, we gain access to our inner wisdom for clarity, creativity, empowerment and healing.

The work with the expressive arts can be done in various settings: one-on-one, groups and community wide.

*** This work is NOT THERAPY nor it comes instead of it – It does not come to diagnose or treat physical or mental conditions.

What exactly is “Creatively Fit Coach”?

Imagine fitness training for the creative mind and soul. A Creatively Fit Coach is a “trainer” for the “right Brain” – the brain that is soulful, imaginative, intuitive, and love based, the brain that does not get the chance to be heard or used often.

We live in a predominant “left-brain” world – our thoughts are constantly rooted in fear, ego, logic and judgment. There is no balance between these two parts of the brain that naturally were designed to work together and balance each other.

To restore that balance, Creatively Fit coach uses simple creative exercises and the blank canvas to tap into your inner truthful self. You will gently be guided to find the source of your blocks and fears, learn how to let go of limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you and create new beliefs that will serve your best interest and help you move forward.

You do not need to be an artist—we are all innately creative!

You will learn to use your creativity and become the artist of your own life experience. As you engage in creativity regularly, you raise your vibration and you will start experiencing synchronicities, you will experience less stress, and learn to listen and trust your intuition. No more trapped in fear and “could have” or “should have” – the possibilities are endless, your wisdom is infinite and YOU are the CREATOR of your experience.

*** This work is NOT THERAPY, nor should it be done in place of it. It is not meant to diagnose or treat physical or mental conditions.